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Xanga? I have a better idea, compile all your personal information (schedule, address, head shots, ect) and then send it to registered sex offenders. Maybe then you can have a nice laugh with with him about how he made your license plate in prison while doing time for rape. But that is right before you get what you deserve.

I have recently been told that I am being hypocritical in this article because I post information about myself. Well I have made an easy to read table for those who don't understand the difference (since the only people who think i'm a hypocrite are morons and can use all they help they can get to understand something).

Difference Between Sean and Xanga
I throw pity parties and no one likes me :( I don't throw a pity party on every/any post I make. If you randomly go to a Xanga site there will be one of two things: crying teenage girl or teenage boy crying out for attention.
Did You Know?
Premium members can upload 99 different profile pics!
Did You Know?
I can upload 3 gigs of anything I fucking please, bitch's!
What is Xanga?
Xanga is a community of online diaries and journals.
Who is Sean?
Sean is a community hero.
I let you post your city, state, personal email, interest, occupation, and more! I don't want a stalker. (see above)
You own a personal blog! I own everyone and everything.



To fit in at Xanga you have to have the following 4 elements: Bad poetry, make your personal life public, be very sad, and post your pictures all over and put stupid little comments about them.

Here is my example

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