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webmaster-1.htm">contact me on the following subjects:

Become an affiliate
Want a free sub domain from
Tell me that you have linked to my site and want an exchange
Other offers you may have


Advertise Links

My site is not eligible for these since I am not appropriate but it is good stuff. - Most Popular affiliate program (claims to have highest payout which is a lie) - Highest payout I've seen and has nice resources - This was going to be my choice but then I found out I'm too obscene


I'm eligible for these, so you probably are too.

AdReporting - I plan to sign up for this once I get around to it

AdEngage - Popular ad system where they find advertiser to pay you for a text link

And then the loads and loads of porn affiliates which I refuse to give the light of day.


Site Devolvement Links

Dreamweaver MX - What I used to quickly add content to the site after the layout was made by Jeff Dran in notepad and improved slowly over time by me

CuteFTP - FTP I use personally for my site

Good Tutorials - Thousands of Photoshop tutorials

Site5 - This is what I use for my web hosting


Site Promotion

Free Web Submission - Submit your site to dozens of search engines

SeoChat - Learn how to get a lot more search engine traffic

Leenks - Submit links to your games and other pages, can bring in a lot

Don't sign up for link exchange directories they are a bigger annoyance than help.


Link exchange with other website's is always a nice way to boost traffic to your site and a great way for search engines to send you a lot more traffic. Be sure to check Alexa Rankings and the pagerank on their website and yours before you ask for a link exchange.


Be sure to have meta tags on each of your pages to help search engines give your website better chances of being found by searchers. This does not help for google and many other search engines, but it can be useful.

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