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Tony Danza, why doesn't he just die?

I can't decide which I like more; Tony Danza's performance in the classic movie Glam or the quality workmanship of his only fan site. The opening line of the fan site reads "Ay-oh! Oh-Ay! This site has undergone some major changes!" and I speak for everyone when I say, there is to much "Ay-oh!" and not enough shutting the hell up. The next line is almost as stupid as the first "I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful emails I have been getting.". I don't know what morons are sending this jerk fan mail for his "fan site" but they need to stop joking around with him its not funny.


I don't know which will give me more pleasure when I buy his new cd "The House I Live In", when I use it as a coaster or when I hear the cashier say "But seriously, what do you want?". I would say stick to acting but I think we have all seen "Who's the Boss?".

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