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Russ vs Sean


The classic struggle of Evil vs Good has begun. Russell has recently launched his new website, Click here to read his blasphemy. You may laugh at his writing and enjoy it, but rest assured your a fucking sinner. Don't worry I won't send you to hell, but make sure to spend all of your time dedicated to the revolution. Don't want to listen to me? Think I am still wrong? Of course you don't, and to reassure your confidence in the competency of the best sean I have made a list of 10 reasons why I am better.
  1. I often find myself signing autographs for fans
  2. He often finds himself masturbating to John Mayer
  3. He is shorter then me
  4. He has a 4.0 GPA, what the fuck is that shit? go back to Massachusetts
  5. He has reportedly (by me) had sexual relations with his sister
  6. His nickname is Rusticals
  7. My nicknames are Sean The Idol, Sean The Foust, or on occasion Swarty
  8. His favorite movie is "Water World"
  9. He has a cardboard cut-out of a giant douche bag
  10. I have cardboard that goes to more use then his cut-out
Here he claims to have beaten me in the board game Risk. Now to set the record straight I have never played him in this game and if I would he wouldn't know what hit him. Here he tells that he is off the scale of greatness and there is no humanly way to reach him. But what he failed to mention is that he is off the scale in the wrong direction. He merely flipped the scale upside down to make it look as though he is above greatness when in fact he is below it. What a sad and pathetic attempt to mislead your trusting viewers into believing your the greatest thing in existence.
Still think i'm wrong? Just look what magazines have had to say about us*

"Russ is the human equivalence of the devil" - Time magazine
"We fully support Sean Foust, his blond hair and blue eyes will lead us in the right direction" - Aryan Magazine
"Russ is to Sean as a hug is to anal" - Hustler


*All what I would think of them to say, but not actually said yet


Russ copied my Time Cover idea so I decided to ban him from my web site to prevent it from happening again. Click Here to see what he is seeing and Click Here to see what he might be experiencing.



Every time you visit a sound chimes in suggestion of touching his penis. Since the targeted audience for his website is me, we can safely jump to the conclusion russ is a homosexual. Nothing says friday night alone quite like a giant cardboard cutout of a man in your bedroom. And If you must know, the cardboard that goes to more use then his cut-out is sitting in my garage getting in the way.


Your "full-proof" idea sounds good, but what exactly does it mean? I am pretty sure you are thinking of the saying "fool-proof". On the opening page he says "Poor Sean, he has resorted to asking himself questions to fill up his page", the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard. Kidz Corner is the exact same thing, only my questions aren't about parental abuse and Nazi's, they are promoting the fact that I am the best and always will be.
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