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The List

This is a small list of things I can't stand.

  1. People who use my truck bed as a trash can. It's not a god damn trash can so don’t use it as such, assholes.
  2. Bumper Stickers – “Bad Driver, SO STAY BACK!” How about I cut you off and go really slow, then every time you try to pass me I will speed up?
  3. Fox Reality TV – There was a sequel to My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, The Simple Life, and American Idol. But go right ahead and cancel Family Guy to make room for them.
  4. Outgoing people who are annoying and unfunny. Yeah you know who you are, well no you don’t and that’s the problem. Not sure if you are one of these people? Take the subtle hints, people don’t make eye contact with you, people are very submissive, or when you tell them to pull your finger they try to rip it clean off.
  5. E Machines – Commonly referred to as retarded pieces of shit. They are the worst possible brand to purchase from. They have no room from hardware upgrades, a dim-witted tech support, the computers hardware is faulty, and the warrantees are worthless. Watch out Compaq, E Machines is looking to take your spot as most unreliable bullshit PC ever manufactured.
  6. Pan Handlers – No you can’t have my money and yes you can leave me alone. Don’t try to pull those bullshit lines on me like, “I need it for my daughter’s medicine” or “If I don’t get it some people are going to hurt me”. For your information, I prefer to see you get hurt and want to see your daughter not get better. Try something like "I will let you run over my knee with you car for 10$".
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