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News: Heya, I'm Mike Altstadt, the holder of the new animations page at! This is a brand new section(*cough* best section *cough*) with some of my animations, Check them out on newgrounds be sure to give them a 5 :D. I'll try and update as much as possible and keep bringing you new animations. I'm currently working on the sequel to snowboarding mishaps soon and will give you some screenshots soon. Stay Classy!



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The Worm

The Worm: A remake of my very first animation, its short but the endings is flippen sweet.

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The Cave

The Cave: One of my first full length animations, go through the cave and pick how you want the people to die... how cool is that!

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Snowboarding Mishaps

Snowboarding Mishaps: Watch the amazing snowboarders complete the most outrages crashes and mishaps known to man. Only can hold this bad boy.

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