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I sent hatemail to:



Subject: Ewww


I am going to start off by correcting your spelling errors since you are to lazy to do it, move on to your layout, and finish off with your crudely written content.


*Index - An "Apache Server" not a "Apache Server", Improved not IMPROVE, billions of stars not billon of stars
*It's spelled bothering
*Enforcement not enforcements (
*dying not dieing (
I am sure there are more but for the sake of my intellect I couldn't stand to read another one of your rants.


The layout looked like it was made in some pathetic Geocities page maker. The fucking pop-up on the index page is incredibly gay. If the little logo at the top with your pitiful alien was meant to piss me off you at least did something right. Is it that hard to make a decent logo, get a good free hosting service, or god forbid, buy cheap web space?


"I’m looking for my favorite fan..." beggars can't be choosers, take what you can get asshole. Your content is by far the worst part of your site. It has such poor points and don't get me started on your depressing attempt at humor in your rants, they made me want to watch that obese whore Rosanne tell jokes.


I am looking forward to seeing a rebuttal riddled with CAPS LOCK and the words prick and nitwit. If you don’t post this on your site don’t give me your poor little excuses for not posting hatemail, they do not apply here.

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