Addicting Free Online Flash Games
Addicting Free Flash Games

Best Games

Squares 2

Heli Attack

Mini Putt 3

Ball Revamped

Defend Your Castle

Demonic Defense 3

Bloody Pingu Throw


Squares 2

Avoid red squares and get black ones


Heli Attack

The best game, ever


Mini Putt 3

One of the best Mini Putt games around


Ball Revamped

Get the ball in the box


Defend Your Castle

Throw invaders up in the air to kill them


Demonic Defense 3

Similar to the above game


Bloody Pingu Throw

See how far you can get the penguin



See if you can destroy the ecosystem


Bubble Trouble

Destroy the evil bubbles of hell



Like the classic Scorched Earth



Grow little balls and feed them

City Jumper

Curve Ball

Fly The Copter


Drunken Pee Game

Mario Over Run

Grid lock

Funky Pong

City Jumper

Jump over buildings


Curve Ball

A fun 3d ping pong game


Fly the Copter

Move up and down to avoid objects



A nice version of the classic game


Drunken Pee Game

Try to pee from a shaky point of view


Mario Over Run

Defend your castle, Mario style


Grid Lock

Logical game similar to Traffic Jam


Funky Pong

Keep the ping pong ball in the circle


Pedestrian Killer

Self explanatory



Defend your castle, egale eye view


Alais 2

Nice little shooter game

Good Games

Storm The House

Defend your castle type game, with guns

Bow Man

1P or 2P archery game

Paper Toss

Try to get paper in trash can

Gyro Ball

Roll the ball and get it in the hole

Net Racer

A fun racing game controlled with mouse

Monkey Lander

Try to get items and back to base in allotted time

Bloody Day

Kill a lot of stick men with choice of 3 weapons

Steady Hand

Try to make it the end without touching walls

Golden Gate Drop

Drop balloons on hookers

Don't Let Go

Hold mouse on a moving object

Spank The Monkey

See how fast you can spank the monkey

Kitty Cannon

See how far you can get the cat

Classroom Cheating 2

Try to cheat on tests without being caught

Para Trooper

Pretty fun, give it a chance

Ping Pong 3D

3d ping pong


Collect objects as the screen moves


The games in red are the better of the best. This is a collection of some of the best flash games on the internet. I know I have missed some so if you have suggestions on games-1.htm" target="_blank">email me. Also I am working on a few games of my own, be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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