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Frequently Asked Questions


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Is it lonely at the top?
Fuck yes. I am so far above everyone else I can look down and see nothing.


My name is Sean, why are you any better then me?
The FAQ is for non-stupid questions only.


My name is Bob, haha you fag your not better than me?
That was a statement with a question mark on the end, dumbass. And to set things straight, all Bobs' are worse than any Seans'.


Even Sean Penn?
I am afraid so.


It burns like friggin hell when I pee, can you help?
No. There is no medical help for what you feel, the best thing to do is pee through the pain. And if you don't take my advice and go to a doctor I didn't tell you this.


I was looking for the FAQ that where you are not the question asker and the one who answers, where may I find that page?

Shut the hell up Sean.

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