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Fan Mail Contest

Official Contest:

Fan Mail


$50-$200 (depending on participation)


Send a fan mail that is better than any others I receive and you win. To determine if the fan mail you sent me is good enough to win or at least good enough not to piss me off, follow these guidelines. The most important part of your email will be knowledge of Sean and his site, closely followed by how much you have contributed. Contribution in order importance is: getting more traffic to my sites content, telling other people about this contest, submitting decent content, and using your imagination to think of other things to do.

In Depth:
I hate having to dumb it down, it’s painful. If you don’t want to read this I don’t blame you, just use common sense.

What I expect:
1. Decently written email, to the point but not short
2. Showing that you spread the word of the contest without spamming (forums, your blog, etc)
3. Citing of specific parts of content you like and don’t like, with explanations of why
4. Demonstrating that you spent time and put thought into the email

5. Have the subject be the url of the page on the site where you found it or the email of the person who told you (if its me put "sean")

What would be good:
1. Submission of halfway decent content with the email
2. An effort to increase the popularity of my site/content
3. Showing interest in what I show interest in
4. Being an active member of the site forums

5. Entering soon rather then later, the sooner you enter the better chance of winning


I can’t go on, just think about what I want and give it to me. Use the email sean[at] when submitting.

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