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Here is where I list all of the words I made up so you know what they mean and use them, I guess.



Roflcamp is an acronym for "Rolling On Floor Laughing and Crapping Alot'n My Pants". I know you may think that's a stretch to make it an acronym but your wrong.

"Mary pitched the tent, she was setting up roflcamp."



Those assholes who run in the halls at high school to get from class to class.

"God I hate runners."


Taken from UbranDictionary.com, they may be really gross and immature:


A nap taken during the sleepy feeling associated with ejaculation.
After ejaculating inside her vagina, I became tired, so i took a jizznap.


mike jones
"Rapper" for people with ADD.


Hot Ham and Cheese
When a man has sex with a woman with a yeast infection.
We hot ham and cheesed last night

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