The Best
Crab People on my Leash

For those of you who don't know (just kidding, no one knows of them) the Crab People Unleashed run around Sean's city copying the stunts they see on Jackass.


They put a disclaimer at the begin of each episode of Jackass for a reason. Countary to popular beliefs it's so morons won't run around and make crappy plagiarized mock ups, not so people don't get hurt doing it, they could care less if you died.


Here is a comprehensive breakdown of your pathetic little list about why you think you are better then me. The painfully lame list can be found here.


1. Sean Sucks

Absolutely compelling evidence and great capitalization.


2. His site material is boring and overused

Your right, the original material I write and receive fan mails about sucks. If my material is boring why are you copying it?


3. His claims of being the best, and having no equal has already been replaced by the Crab People.

I don't even know what to say, this doesn't even resemble a coherent thought.


4. He hasnt linked to our site yet, so therefor he is gay.

I am a busy man, therefore* I haven't gotten to it.


5. We write him hate mail and he doesn't post it on his site

I don't think "haha, you suck, i hate you" is postworthy.


6. No hot girls go to sean's site

I know all of your girlfriends go to my site, so what are you trying to say?


7. Sean just isnt as cool as us its a fact.

Which definition of "cool" and "fact" are you using?


You made this too easy, I will stop here and let you try and recover.

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