Comedy Central Presents
Comedy Central Presents
Unlike the shitty show "100 Greatest Standup's of all Time" that Comedy Central presented, which proclaimed Richard Pryor the number one stand up of all time because he has MS, this list is of the best 15 stand up that has been on Comedy Central Presents. You can download limewire and search for these comedians or get a list of the showing times, be sure to understand that using limewire for this is not a law abiding way to obtain a copy of them and I do not promote it.
  1. Mitch Hedberg
  2. Nick Swartson
  3. Pablo Fransisco
  4. Mike Birbiglia
  5. Detmetri Martin
  6. Jim Gaffigan
  7. Brian Regan
  8. Dan Naturman
  9. Tom Cotter
  10. Ron White
  11. Adam Ferrara
  12. Zach Galifianakis
  13. Daniel Tosh
  14. Christian Finnegan
  15. Dane Cook

Oh and Patton Oswalt sucks.

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