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I have 3 words for Canon
You fucking suck. Today I borrowed a RV60 digital camcorder from my school for a project and I came home to find it broken. After reading navigating a horribly designed Cannon website I found the manual for the camcorder. After getting absolutely no help from the manual I decided to call tech support and here is how it went:

Sean "Yes I would like to be transferred to digital camcorders tech help"
<10 minutes hold>
Male "Yes how can i help with your digital camera?"
Sean "Uh, I asked to be transferred to camcorder"
Male "Please Hold"
<15 minutes hold>
Female "Yes how can i help with your digital camera?"
Sean ".... transfer me to camcorder, that's c a m c o r d e r"
Female "Please Hold, mam"
<10 minutes hold>
Female "Yes how can I help with your camcorder?"
Sean "I have an RV60, The video will not record but the audio will"
<I get asked for my name, number, email, and organization the camera belongs to. I am borrowing the camcorder from my school and I have told her that it does not belong to me and I did not purchase it>
Female "What was the date purchased?"
Sean "Exact date?"
Female "Month and year is fine"
Sean "Uhhh"

After all of this I ended up with an address to send in the camcorder. Then they would send me an estimate on how much it will cost to repair it. Your website sucks, your tech support sucks, your products sucks, and you suck Canon. And you better be thanking god every day that your competition is HP, the technological retarded company of the USA.
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