Sean's Bio

Birth name
Sean Foust
November 15th

I recently took a government course on racial profiling and I am going to test out my new skills.

I am not lazy since I have spent my time to develop a website. So obviously, I am not mexican. I am not jewish since this website isn't about how to invest your money wisely. And I am not a women since my opinion matters and I do not believe in astrology.


No these aren't my beliefs but they are teaching it at the rec center every Sunday.


Favorite Quote
"I have a different stance on abortion: I'm against abortion, but for killing babies. That way everyone loses, and I win." - Maddox

Did you Know?
-Sean is often recognized in public, in such places as school and work
-Sean has extensive plans on world domination which he is to lazy to carry out
-Tony Danza is Sean's biggest fan, which is ironic because Sean hates Tony Danza

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