Bad Gift Ideas
Bad Gifts

I have decided to compile a list of gift idea's I thought would suck, or have seen in action, sucking.

  1. Nothing says "I'm a Tool" quite like a "good for 1 hour of labor" card. These are by far the lamest gifts you can give anyone but fortunately these are normally kid to parent gifts. How about on your kids birthday get back at them by giving them something just as stupid, like insurance for their toys. But since kids are dumb so you don't actually have to buy insurance for them just tell them you did. Go ahead and break their toys and make them fill out the insurance claim form J74-5 and if they can't do it, no new toys.
  2. Getting someone tube socks is like saying "Hey fatty, let me help you hide those kankles."
  3. Books. These things would be better if they talked to you and showed you moving pictures of what was happening, that would be so much more efficient. Books are a worthless, and so are you for buying them.
  4. A roll of toilet paper with a note attached that says, "I got you this because your the shit". Wow a creative 15 cent gift, just don't try to pull that bs on me, I already know I'm the shit.
  5. I can't believe the consumer market falls for gift cards. If your going to get someone a gift card just give them money, or at the very least a gift card to a store they like. Don't get those bullshit gift cards to places like "Authentic Afghanistan Food Outlet" that is 6 miles out of town. I have no idea how places like that stay in business, maybe its from selling gift cards to morons who think the receivers are going to like it.
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