About TheBestSean.com
About thebestsean.com

Welcome to thebestsean.com. TheBestSean.com was created on March 23, 2005 by Sean Foust. I came up with the name/idea one night when I couldn't get to sleep. You will never see the following on my site: pop up ad, picture/flash ad, and acceptance of anyone's opinion but my own.


Hi, I am Sean Foust; I am not rude, mean, or obnoxious. I don’t take the easy way out or take cheap shots. On my good days I like to push old people down flights of stairs and then chant my name. On my bad days I like to randomly yell "Mortal Combat" and get in fights with children. As you may have guessed unless you are the average moron I know, nothing I have said in this paragraph has been true except this line.


My site has been up only a few months and I already made enemies. Here is a list:

- several members of linkfilter.net - They hotlinked me so I made them look dumb but the admin's there did a good job of getting them in check

- imright.net - He is a moron and I hate him

- idleriot.com - some bullshit accusations on me


Why did I make this site?

So you can know things I hate
So you can know things I like
Letting all other Seans know that it's official, I won

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