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Welcome to, here you will find both original material made by Sean as well as popular media such as flash games, funny videos, or funny pictures that can be found through out the internet. As you may have already guessed, I have declared myself the best Sean. You are welcome to argue with me on this subject or any other of my opinions, but you will undoubtedly lose.



Bad Gifts (August 15, 2005)

The List (June 1, 2005)

Saw (May 10, 2005)

I have 3 words for Canon (March 30, 2005)

Tony Danza, Why doesn't he just die? (March 27, 2005)

Xanga (March 24, 2005)



A Useful Cat is a Dead Cat (May 12, 2005)



Crab People vs Sean (September 23, 2005)

Russ vs Sean (April 5, 2005)


Hatemail I sent:, again (September 23, 2005) (June 1, 2005)



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